1995 - The beginning of a long term cooporation with the american company Rockscapes Unlimited.

Our Work:

San Diego, USA:
Sea World, private projects

Vienna, Austria:
House of the Sea („Haus des Meeres“), „Tropenhaus“

Paris, France:
Company “Kettner“ Shop with Fisher Supplies

Kraków, Poland:
biggest aqua park in Europe („Park Wodny“)

Vienna and Linz, Austria:
chain of japanese food restaurants

Vienna, Austria:
Univ. Doz. Dr. Artur Worseg: private practive of the most known and most respected plastic surgeon in Austria

Vienna, Austria:
House of the Sea - „Mittelmeerabteilung“

Puchberg, Austria:
project for MAGNA AUSTRIA – private project for Mr. Stronach

Vienna, Austria:
House of the Sea - „Kroki-Park“

In General:

Since 1995
Private Projects (in Hungary, Austria, Poland, France, Germany)