Earth, Water, Stone –
The elements of life

:Harmony & fascination

Harmonic landscaping in consonance with nature requires integration of the elements. The interaction of earth, water and stone transforms your garden into a paradise.

Rocks give your terrain structure, they give secure support, they moderate the play with water or they offer a visual cover.

:Individuality & Know-How

Every piece of MEGASTONE rocks is individual and a unique copy. Based on real rocks (the imprints are taken from real rocks) you get a replica of a genuine rock. Depending on our client’s spacial and individual situation MEGASTONE offers a concept and design of the wanted rock design and arrangement.

Please don’t hesitate and contact us – we offer individual concepts for:

  • Landscaping with garden design
  • Transforming your swimming pool into a pond
  • Koi-ponds
  • Designing wellness-areas
  • And individual design