Attributes Megastone Artificial-Rocks:

  • Shapes are taken from real rocks – thereby 100 % authentic
  • Regarding appearance, structure and sound it’s natural and solid like a natural stone
  • Extremely loadable at a maximum of a tenth of a real rock’s weight (at 1 mē 50 – 80 kg)
  • Because of the usage of extremely loadable and durable colours (based on water) they are anti-frost and salt water resistant
  • Attributes like alga growth and formation of moss are equivalent to real rocks
  • Size, shape and structure of the rock components are made of measure

In brief:

  • Natural structure
  • Highly loadable
  • Weather resistant
  • Invisible bonds
  • Any colour you like
  • Weight range between 50-80 kg / mē (surface)
  • Conduct of the artificial rocks correspond to nature (formation of algae and moss)